Please join us this week (1/26) as we meet at the Dickinson County Museum!                     
Please plan to join us this week for a special field trip to the Dickinson County Museum, located at 1708 Keokuk Avenue in Spirit Lake. We will start our meeting with the tour this week, followed by lunch and a very brief program about the museum and what it has going on at the moment. Due to their limited space, it will be easier to tour first, then have lunch to keep food and drink away from the exhibits. 
For those planning to attend, we are continuing a pay-as-you-go lunch option. This week, we will be having mini pizzas from Godfathers for $5. It will not include a drink though, so please bring your own drink with you to the meeting. To order a pizza, please email Mary Skopec at to let her know what kind of pizza you'd like (ham, cheese, combo, pepperoni or sausage) by 10 am Wednesday. You are also welcome to bring your own lunch if you'd like instead.  
We look forward to seeing all of you this week at the Dickinson County Museum!