During our last quarterly club assembly, the club voted to donate to the following organizations: $500 to Hope Rolls, $400 to the Humane Society, $400 to Break the Cycle and $200 to Megan Vierkant/Miss Amazing Iowa. The recipients joined us for our Rotary lunch on Wednesday, November 3 and updated us on their projects. Those joining us were:
Hope Rolls - Dr. Shanna Clabaugh and Maria Mellman
Humane Society - Hailey Huckfelt and Melanie Becker
Break the Cycle - Clint Loveall
Miss Amazing Iowa - Megan Vierkant (wasn't able to attend but accepted later that day)
The donations are part of a new process for distributing member contributions. Each quarter, club members will take an active part in distributing the money via an in person vote and discussion. We look forward to hearing more about how each of these donations has made an impact.