Charlie Wittenburg was our speaker on July 13.  Charlie has been at his role at HAPI (Historic Arnolds Park Inc) for one year which encompasses the 
Museum, Queen, II, The Amusement Park ,  as well as  The Green Space for concerts , and the  Roof Garden / Pavilion for Special Events  
HAPI is directed by a 9 person board and employs over 100 individuals. 
This consists of 50-55 J1 summer employees.  J1 are students from other countries,  mostly from Bulgaria.  The Park trains them in  their native language.
Arnolds Park has 26 rides and Charlie emphasized his main concern is that the park runs  safely and responsibly for both employees and it's visitors. 
The Arnolds Park Amusement Park celebrated it's 125th year last summer and thanks to generous donations and passionate people the following improvements have been made to the park just this past year: 
. Roller Coaster Renovation with new magnetic braking system
.New Landscaping and signage 
.Queen II Renovation 
.Harmony Park  -  Donated by Paul Hedberg 
.Rain Gardens near Bob's Restaurant 

HAPI has mapped out some great plans for the future of the park so that it exits for generations to come!