Past District Governor and member of the Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Club, Kathy Fahy has been appointed Rotary Public Image Coordinator (RPIC) for Rotary Zone 28 beginning July 1, 2017. The appointment is for a 3-year term and covers 13 districts encompassing Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois and part of Canada. The position provides enhanced information, public relation and marketing assistant to clubs and districts. Kathy will serve as a trainer, motivator, coach, counselor and resource for Rotarians to tell their stories to media, local government, communities, civic leaders and similar entities. She will also assist at Rotary Institutes, Governor-elect Training Seminars (GETS) and other Zone-level meetings. Kathy is currently serving as an Assistant Rotary Coordinator for the Zone focusing on membership and club support. She is also a co-chair for the Rotary Zone 28-29 Young Professionals Summit to be held in Cleveland, Ohio in September.