IGL Car Drop

The success of the annual Rotary car drop into West Lake Okoboji continues to grow each year raising funds for community needs.

The car is on the ice in Smith’s Bay!  Purchase your ticket here today for $10.00.  They can also be purchased from any Iowa Great Lakes Rotarian, at The Hutt and Dry Dock in Arnolds Park, or by calling 712.320.0192Click here to buy a ticket online!

If the car drops through at the time on your ticket, you will win $1,000. Proceeds from the event are used for local Rotary outreach projects. Only 720 tickets with a random time of day (good for that specific minute both AM &PM) are sold giving each ticket two (2) chances to win. A special clock (set off the Atomic clock) is installed in the car and is engineered to stop once the car falls through the ice and hits the  water.  The winning ticket will be determined once the car is retrieved and the time on the clock is verified by two Rotary board officials.  If a winning ticket holder is not identified for that time slot, the next closest ticket holder time will be chosen as the winner. If the car cannot be placed on the ice due to weather conditions, a winner will be chosen by a random drawing on March 27th at the noon Iowa Great Lakes Rotary meeting.

Last year the car drop was the latest in history, dropping into the icy waters of Smith’s Bay at  3:17 P.M. on April 26, 2018 . In 2017, the official date and time was February 23, at 4:44 pm.  In 2016, it dropped on March 9th. A special thank you to  Bob's Tow and Repair of Spirit Lake for helping make this fundraiser possible.