With Covid around the world, the Rotary International Convention was changed from an onsite convention in Hawaii this year to all virtual online. It is FREE to attend and you are welcome to view as much or as little as you'd like. More information and details are below - but there will be two General Sessions kicking it off this weekend from 8-9:15 am our time both Saturday and Sunday mornings. Then next week will include a variety of breakout sessions - attend as few or as many as you'd like. They will also be recorded for your to view later as well. I'd encourage you to register and if anything, take in at least one of the sessions and explore the Virtual House of Friendship, which is a showcase of projects Rotarians are doing all over the world. Please let me know if you have any questions - otherwise you can register at riconvention.org or go there to learn more!

We’re only days away from the first Rotary Virtual Convention! This message includes information you need to know to experience it all, 20-26 June and beyond.

For the best convention experience, use a desktop or laptop computer and the Google Chrome browser. If you don’t already have Chrome, you can download it free. We also suggest that you make sure there are no other heavy uses of your internet connection, such as movie streaming or game playing, when you connect. A download speed of at least 3 Mbps is recommended. (You can test your connection speed for free.)


General sessions, 20 and 21 June. To take part in the general sessions, go to the home page of riconvention.org. Click on the button under the General Sessions block, which will say JOIN beginning 19 June. You’ll automatically be directed to a preview page where you can check your connection. Starting 20 June, at 08:00 Chicago time (UTC-5), when you select JOIN you’ll be taken to the current session, and it will play in your browser’s default language. These sessions will also be available to view later.

Walking Challenge, 20-26 June. To participate, register and download the app.

House of Friendship, 20-26 June. Click on the link provided on the activities page beginning 20 June.

Featured Breakouts, 22-26 June. Go to the Featured Breakouts page to see the schedule. To join a session between 22-26 June, click the link next to the session title. These sessions will also be available to view later.

July Breakouts. Sign up for these sessions on the July Breakouts page. See the details about each session by hovering to the right of the session number and clicking the arrows icon to expand the description. In the description, follow the link to register. Check back often for updates.