Thanks to President Brad Jungers as he steps into his new role involving all members and asking for our input. Topics covered included Programs, Fundraising, Leadership Roles, and Membership (new and retaining existing members). The 8:30 a.m. Strategic Planning Session was also held prior to the regular noon meeting.  Approximately eight Rotarians came to share ideas and discuss our Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities.  
As part of this session, it was decided that we should re-implement committees, with each member participating in at least one committee.  Members will receive a link to a survey in the near future to sign up for committee work.  Committees are:

-          Social

-          Youth

-          Fundraising

-          Service

-          Public Relations (Peggy Gustafson has volunteered to chair)

-          Programs

-          Membership

-          Administrative

-          Foundation (Steve Lindeberg has volunteered to chair)