Tanzanian & U.S. Board members: Patti, Laurence, Lyn & Lazarocerpts 
Fellow Rotarian Patti Griffiths continues her service to the impoverished people of Tanzania.  She recently sent an email home;  Here are a few excerpts and photo from her.
 Please keep Patti and her team in your thoughts and prayers!
Our time here in Tanzania has been more than what we could have imagined. We began working on Next Life Foundation, a vocational training center, a few years ago. Students started at the school this past May. We currently have 20 young ladies learning the skill of sewing. In the next week or two a carpenter course will began. Our expectation was to be in the village of Mbuguni and ask God to show us how to reach the large Muslim population in this community. Since Lyn & I arrived, Jan 5, we've visited two different communities and approached by the chairperson (mayor) from a third community, to locate a center in their village also! We ask for your prayers as we discern what God's intention for our organization should be. 
Additional prayer requests:
- Rain! It is SO dry. Many areas have not had rain for 3 years. Livestock are dying due to lack of foliage to eat!
- Communication & understanding despite the language barrier.
- Safety & health.
- Good weather Friday & Saturday as we travel home.
- Openness & willingness to his direction.