Kathy Holmquist shared a program on graphology to Iowa Great Lakes Rotary on Wednesday, February 8. Graphology is the study of handwriting and is referred to as the recorded language of the unconscious. There is a long history of people who have researched graphology, calling in brain writing. The father of the IQ test, French psychologist Alfred Benet studied it extensively. Many European universities require the study of it for psychology and education degrees. The US has been slower to accept it as a science. Typically graphologists cannot tell a male and female’s handwriting apart. By fifth grade, we have often developed the form our writing will take. When we write, we are representing ourselves as we place each work on the page – each stroke, mark, dash, dot, cross, curve and shape has a meaning. Graphology looks at the overall page and placement of writing on a page, baselines, slants, pressure, speed, rhythm, spacing, letter for quality, letter shape/size, and margins. Kathy examined writing sample with the group from many Rotarians and shared each individuals traits based on their writing samples.