Rebecca Peters -  Tourism Director for the Okoboji Tourism Committee of the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce was our speaker on January 18.  Here are a few of the key highlights! 
  • Tourism provided $276 million in economic impact to the lakes area last year
  • Tourism represents almost 2000 jobs in the lakes area
  • provides $5 million in local tax revenue last year
  • Tourism office creates visitor profiles and targets demographics to get people to come here
  • Primary targets are moms between the age of 35-50 who live 90-250 miles away and have an median income of $75,000
  • Craft messages to appeal to demographic and entice them to come here - many grandparents bring kids and families here for vacation
  • 100,000 copies of Visitor Guide are printed each year and shipped all over U.S. (1/3 of total tourism budget)
  • mimics info in guide and has been revamped to be more mobile friendly.                    Thanks to Becky for a great program!