Julie Scheib of Discovery House
Julie Scheib is the Executive Director of the Discovery House in Spirit lake. 
Founded in 1993, they are a non profit 9 member board funded by counties, cities, private donations, grants and fundraisers. 
The Discovery House helps homeless men and women in transition most often times recovering from addictions. 
There are 10 beds and  the residents pay $50 per week. There are also certain guidelines they have to follow in order to stay living there, however stays average 65 nights with some being only for a night or two.  91% of the people they serve are from Iowa.  From that 91% , 50% are from Dickinson County.  They are currently looking for "room sponsorhips" to help update the bedrooms.  If you would like more information please give Julie a call at 336-5340 or visit them at mydiscoveryhouse.com. 
Julie also extended an open invitation to tour the home anytime. 
Thanks to Julie for a great program.