Board members present: Brodie, Carson, Gruys, Holzhauer, Marlow, Schlitter, Wilkens, Zenor.  

Board Members absent: Gustafson, Jungers.


Meeting called to order by Pres. Brodie at 11:05 am.


1. Motion to approve minutes of February 21, 2018 as presented.  Gruys/Carson.   Passed


2. Treasurer’s Report   Nate Gruys presented the club P&L through 3-21-18. General comments centered on the continuing fund-raising efforts for the Shelby Duis Playground Improvement project. Our efforts now are awaiting the outcome of our grant application to the Okoboji Foundation. In addition, we are awaiting an approved Rotary District Grant.  There was some discussion on the disbursement of 2018 Brew Fest revenue, with the possibility of dedicating some of the revenue to our exchange student initiative and the balance to the Shelby Duis project.  Kathy Fahy to present the 2018 Brew Fest budget at the April board meeting. We can also expect our gross Car Drop proceeds to be about 700 tickets vs 450 in 2017. We confirmed our club’s participation in the District Annual Conference Duck race.


Motion to approve the treasurer’s report as presented. Wilkens/Carson.  Passed

New Business

1. Michael Schlitter, our next treasurer will be working with Nate over the next couple of months during this transition time. He offered that he had been with Erpelding Voight as an accountant for about 5 yrs. now.

2. Tom Brodie spoke to the voting the club did regarding our potential move to the Waterfront for our meetings. The voting was split 14 yes, 14 nos with 9 members who voted no preference.  The total votes exceeded a 60% quorum.  The board agreed an edge for Waterfront as per a motion: Wilkens/Zenor. Passed.

Tom will announce the decision at today’s meeting.

3. Dan Carson said that there are only two open program dates left in May which have been assigned to members to fulfill. 

4. Pres. Tom remarked that we need to get cracking on getting host families for our incoming exchange student. He hoped the Okoboji School District will be able to assist.

5.  Chuck Skogerboe has elected to resign from the board.  He felt it was time for him to turn over the reins and play more golf.  The board appreciates all that Chuck has contributed.  Truly service above self.  Thanks Chuck.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 11:56 am. Carson/Gruys


Respectfully submitted,

Jack Holzhauer, Sec’y.