Alis' father sent the following message and update about her. 
"Alis has spent this summer in our family, which has been appreciated, and she traveled a 2 days trip to Paris to accompany her Okoboji Classroom during their stay in France. And last week we have driven her to her new international UWC High School in Germany.
All the support you and the Club members have provided her have been massive, and we feel winning the UWC selection in Paris has made a huge difference for her future.
The only downside is that she told us, beginning this international UWC High School, she would now be out of the family for about 2 years, and her whereabouts in the following years are still unsure … We feel we let the cat escape!
She looks very happy and plans to travel to Spirit Lake for working a summer job next summer. 
Actually I need to let you know that back to France and then in this school she is so lively and busy, she did not pay any attention to her emails, nor send any of the messages she was supposed to send to all her friends and families in Iowa. Please do not feel bad about this, you will all stay for long the US family she just left the month before!
I hope Seattle has felt the benefits of her stay in Germany, and that some other students can benefit with these foreign exchanges abroad.
I am happy to have had this opportunity to know you all indirectly...."
Frederic and Nilgun Collin
RC Bourg-en-Bresse Revermont D1710