July 19th IGL Rotary Club 



Board members present: Brodie, Carson, Gruys, Gustafson, Holzhauer, C. Skogerboe, Wilkens, Zenor

Members present: Fahy, Marlow


Meeting called to order by Pres. Brodie at 11:05 am.


1. Minutes of June 21, 2017 approved as presented. Wilkens/Gustafson


2. Treasurer’s Report for July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017 was presented by Nate Gruys. Gruys commented that the Rotary bookkeeping has been successfully transferred from the club’s laptop to the on-line system of QuickBooks. This will enable deposits and checks to be automatically posted to our on-line QuickBooks accounting module. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report as presented: Skogerboe/Carson


Carson noted that we had not made our yearly contribution to the Lakes Art Center for this year although it had been approved. Motion to make that $500 donation. Wilkens/Zenor Passed


Motion to ensure that all requests for donations come to the board for approval. Skogerboe/Carson Passed


3. New Member Recruitment, a lively discussion followed regarding how we might increase our membership. Several ideas were brought forth such as dividing the club membership into several small groups and having those groups be responsible for inviting members of the business community to a meeting in hopes of getting them interested in becoming Rotarians. Skogerboe and Zenor, as co-chairs of the membership committee will explore these ideas and report back at the next board meeting.


4. Club Programs, Dan Carson will continue as Program Chair but hopefully he will be able to adjust the way we are getting program suggestions. He has done the whole job himself and has accomplished it beautifully, but it’s time to get other club members involved. He will be working with Pres. Brodie as well as other members of the board to improve the overall process, including devising a set of guidelines for speakers, and to somehow open the speaker selection to more members.


  • Dan advised us that the August 9th meeting will be at the Higgins Museum of Money, and a box lunch will be provided by Hey Good Cookies. We will need to give them an idea of how many lunches will be needed.


5. It was suggested that the club could use a Project Coordinator/Organizer to keep track of our various projects and to report back to the board at regular intervals as to progress, etc. There was consensus to that effect.


6. Pres. Brodie brought up the suggestion that we should look for another time or place to hold our board meetings. Having them in the regular meeting room is not too conducive to get much accomplished what with the general hubbub that occurs as members arrive for the regular meeting. At this point it was decided to keep the start time at 11 am., but to move to another meeting room at Arrowwood. Our next meeting will be August 16th and the 23rd we’ll have our BOD meeting with the District Governor, Ralph Smith.


7. Kathy Fahy reviewed for us the progress that has been made with the plans for the Okoboji Brew Fest. So far, we have 17 brewers signed up and all the other details are on schedule. Tickets are available on line and there will be three local outlets for tickets, the Three Sons in Milford and the two local breweries.


Motion to adjourn at 12 pm. Gruys/Wilkens


All members are welcome and encouraged to attend board meetings  which take place the third Wednesday of every month at 11 a.m.


Congratulations to Kathy Fahy and Carey Wilkens for their new Paul Harris Fellowship designations! The new designations, PH+5, means each Rotarian has contributed more than $6,000 to the Rotary Foundation. Currently the club has 27 Paul Harris Fellows, and only three have higher designations, Neal Christensen, Judy Haviland and Don Wandling.


The Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Club was ranked 10th out of 57 District Clubs for the 2016-2017 Rotary year in giving to the Foundation. Congratulations and thanks to all members who contributed to this year’s effort.